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WSW-HSR Strong-Wall® Wood Shearwall High-Strength Rod Kit

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The WSW-HSR is designed to work with WSW-AB and WSW-ABHS anchor bolts for attaching Strong-Wall wood shearwalls to concrete foundations. This high-strength rod kit allows for anchorage in tall stem wall applications where full embedment of a Strong-Wall wood shearwall anchor bolt into the footing is required. The head is stamped for identification with a No-Equal® symbol for identification, bolt length, bolt diameter and “HS” for high strength. The WSW-HSR is not for use in place of WSW-AB(HS) anchor bolts.

Key Features

  • Fixed-in-place compression nut to improve performance
  • Head stamp for easy identification and inspection
  • High-strength coupler for attachment to WSW-AB(HS)

Product Includes

  • The kit includes ASTM A449 high-strength rod with heavy hex nut fixed in place and high-strength coupler nut.


  • High strength (HS) ASTM A449


  • Install coupler nut and high-strength all-thread rod with fixed nut on WSW-AB
  • Install WSW-HSR and WSW-AB(HS) assembly before the concrete is poured using the appropriate WSW-RT template and supplied nut; locate per designer
  • Install shear reinforcement before concrete is poured
  • Foundation design by designer
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