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Yield-Link® Cover Plate

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At Simpson Strong-Tie, we’ve built a heritage of steel connection innovation. Through our tireless commitment to technological advancement, research and rigorous testing, our engineers have acquired an unparalleled body of expertise, with more patents and code-listed products than anyone else in the business. The Yield-Link cover plate is fabricated using light-gauge steel and is used for detailing the concrete deck near the Yield-Link moment connection.

Key Features

  • The Yield-Link cover plate serves to separate the composite concrete deck from the Yield-Link moment connection
  • In a post-earthquake scenario, the cover plate can be opened by prying the end of cover plate near the column flange to replace the Yield-Link


  • 18 gauge — YL4-X, YL6-X; 16 gauge for YL8-X


  • Galvanized/ZMAX® coating


  1. The Yield-Link cover plate is installed on top of the Yield-Link such that the stick out tab end is away from the column face.
  2. The bearing surface for the Yield-Link cover plate is provided by the top of the buckling restraint plate and the top-of-beam flange.
  3. The stick out tab is connected to top-of-beam flange using tack welds.
  4. The compressible foam material is placed between the column flange and the start of Yield-Link cover plate to provide ease of rotation for the connection.
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