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Wall Panel Truss System

Pre-fabricated wall panels offer amazing advantages and benefits over conventional building techniques. Many studies demonstrate that Pre-Engineered Wall Panels System in Carignan provide significant cost savings and time reductions over traditional stick-frame construction in the field. Prefabrication uses fewer man hours and produces less waste.

All Pre-fabricated Wall Panels Construction systems are custom designed by our in-house Design Team and are built to precise blueprint specifications in order to minimize your labor and material costs.

Features & Benefits of Wall Panel Systems

Prefabricated Wall Panels Construction in Carignan
  • As lumber prices change constantly, panel pricing is more consistent. Budget your projects a lot easier and know your costs up front

  • Our Wall Panel System Carignan are built in a controlled environment using sophisticated computer software and industrial precision equipment to ensure the highest quality, built to your exact job specifications.

  • Avoid extra costs associated with bad weather, material shortages and quality control inspections.

  • Minimize the need for larger crews & overall manhours as building with wall panels over stick frame can increase framing productivity by 40%.

Custom 3D Structural Design

Our Design Team has 20 years of collective design experience and almost 30 years of framing experience in the field – allowing us the ability to design structural systems with the framer in mind.

Architects, Contractors, Framers and Homeowners alike will appreciate our 3D Software that provides help with custom measurements and 360° interior & exterior views of your entire project

Wall Panel System Carignan
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